Riverside Police Department

Strategic Plan

Riverside Police Department strategic plan 2021-2024

Police Department Strategic Plan (Open PDF)

As your Chief of Police, I am pleased to introduce our community to the Riverside Police Department’s 2021 – 2024 Strategic Plan “Our Community Our Department Our Riverside.” This plan continues us down the path to where we, our city government, and our community members and business owners expressed their law enforcement to progress. In line with the City of Riverside’s 2021-2025 Strategic Plan and with a strong focus on the 21st century pillars of policing, this document was the result of lengthy but persistent work by our sworn and civilian department personnel, our community partners, and city leaders and I personally thank each and every person who participated in the development process.

You may notice some different goals in this plan compared to those of the past. Items like social media, employee wellness, use of technology, and how we are facing the challenges from 2020. However, one thing that has not changed is our desire to work collaboratively with our community to improve quality of life, communication, and the safety of all who live, work, and enjoy our city of arts and innovation.

I invite you to delve into our strategic plan as it will provide direction and accountability in how we protect our neighborhoods and prioritize our mission to keep Riverside a safe and secure city. It includes detailed descriptions of our ongoing efforts to work with the community in order to create a safer, more inclusive, and more prosperous city for our residents, businesses, and visitors.


Larry V. Gonzalez
Police Chief
Riverside Police Department