Riverside Fire Department

Fire Plan Reviews - One Stop Shop

The City of Riverside has upped its commitment to customer service even further by creating a “One Stop Shop” that brings together on one floor all City departments that are part of the development process, with exclusive use of an express elevator, cell phone charging stations and a concierge-type system that helps customers obtain permits and approvals faster than ever.

The business-friendly change means that people who want to invest in Riverside are welcomed as they come off an elevator that operates only between the City Hall lobby and the third floor, where the One Stop Shop is located.

Customers are assisted through a series of workstations staffed by experts from several city departments, including planning, building, fire, utilities, business license and public works.


Fire Plan Review Resources


Plan Check Fees

(includes 10% surcharge, 4% Technology Fee and $25 permit fee)

Sprinkler Systems
New Commercial 1-99 Heads $496.96
  100-199 Heads $901.66
  200+ Heads $429.70 - per 100 heads
New Residential 1-99 Heads $496.96
  100-199 Heads $901.66
  200+ Heads $429.70 - per 100 heads
T. I. Commercial 1-99 Heads $295.18
(T.I. - Tenant Improvement) 100-199 Heads $564.22
  200+ $429.70 - per 100 heads
T.I. Residential 1-99 Heads $295.18
(T.I. - Tenant Improvement) 100-199 Heads $564.22
  200+ Heads $429.70 - per 100 heads
Fire Alarm Systems/Water Flow Monitoring
  1-10 devices $564.22
  11+ devices $295.18 - per 10 devices
Fixed Extinguishing Systems
Hood Systems (Single System) New $496.96
  T. I. $429.70
Clean Agent Systems (Single System) New $564.22
  T.I.  $429.70
Fire Service Underground
Small   $564.22
Large   $1,103.44
Underground Tanks (Install/Remove)
Single Tank   $1,372.48
Each Additional Tank   $458.20
Aboveground Tanks (Install/Remove)
Single Tank   $602.98
Each Additional Tank   $265.54
New Construction Reinspection
after 3rd failed and each Subsequent   $172.70
After hours Plan Check
    $126.89 per hour - minimum 1 hour
After Hours Inspection
    $99.60 per hour
Small (4 hours)   $592
Large (8 Hours)   $1,064
Extra Large (>8 hours)   $1,892
Requested Inspection
Special Event Fees*
CFC with Inspection Small $338
  Large $591
CFC without Inspection   $85
*Additional Fire Department stand-by time maybe included if necessary
Hazardous Materials Record Search
Fire Safety Inspector   $134 per hour
Account Clerk II   $65 per hour
False Alarms
1st   no charge
2nd   no charge
3rd   $350
4th   $400
5th   $520
Each additional   $870
High Pile Storage Application/Permit
New   $338
Revision   $85