Riverside Fire Department



The purpose of our Training Division is to provide a reliable, up-to-date source of educational and practical information to both fire personnel as well as the public. The Training Division is responsible for the on-going training of all fire companies. With the numerous requirements placed upon the fire service today by the many regulatory agencies, (NFPA, ISO, OSHA, CPSE, and Regional EMS), the Training Division coordinates the training needed to comply with established regulations.

The Training Division aims to equip all levels of firefighters from the new recruit to the seasoned veteran with the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to handle the rigors of their job and to stay safe. Learning takes place through classroom lecture and practical drills at our 3.27 acre training facility along with an LMS (Learning Management System) to facilitate learning at the stations.

Another pivotal responsibility of the training division is to act as safety officers during significant incidents within the city. Additionally, we handle the public information duties by addressing the media and issuing press releases for incidents as well as events within the fire department.

The division consists of the Training Division Chief, two Training Captains, an EMS Coordinator, seven EMS Assistants and an Administrative Assistant. Division Chief Tony Perna is responsible for the day-to-day training and oversees the education, training, and record keeping annually. In 2022 the fire department logged over 45,000 hours of training.