Riverside Police Department


Thank you for everyone's interest in Riverside Police Department's Internship Program!
At this time we are no longer seeking an intern but please reference positions below for any interest at a future date in time.

Here are a list of internships that are offered by the Police Department, please check back or check our social media when its open!:


Evidence Specialist:

Students who apply to be an Evidence Property Specialist would assist our Department’s Evidence Specialists with the filing and clerical tasks related to the storage/custody of evidence. They would be expected to receive phone calls and route messages to their appropriate recipient within the property room. Primary duties would include the supervised receiving and categorizing of property/evidence.


Downtown Entertainment District (DED) Team:

An intern assigned to the Downtown Entertainment District (DED) team would receive hands on training on how to operate and navigate the City video surveillance camera system that covers the DED. Once the intern is trained and competent with the system, he or she would conduct surveillance and provide real-time information regarding criminal and suspicious activity to the DED Team. In the event of a critical incident or a crime in progress, the intern would be responsible for providing vital information to the DED to assist in the capture of any outstanding suspects or vehicles as well as identifying any victims or involved persons. Having a dedicated intern would enhance the DED’s ability to reduce crime, apprehend criminals and solve investigations. The intern would primarily work evening and late morning hours on Friday and Saturday nights to best support the mission of DED.

Members of the DED could also educate and expose the intern to the community policing through their daily interactions with the public and local business owners. This would require the intern to go out with the DED during slower hours of the week and not during the busy hours that takes place on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. A successful internship would provide them with a clear understanding that there is an essential difference in what we do in DED compared to that of a patrol officer running from call to call. DED officers would educate the intern on the mission of a unit such as DED and make them aware of the long term investment each officer must make and the relationships that must be built and maintained in order for community policing to be effective.


Community Services Bureau / Social Media Project Assistant::

The Community Services Bureau is accepting applications for college interns who would be interested in working with our department’s Media Unit as a Social Media Project Assistant. The ideal candidate will have some experience and possess basic skills in social media to attract and interact with targeted virtual communities and networks. The goal of this position is for the intern to have a good understanding of how each social media channel works and how to optimize content so that it is engaging on those channels. The candidate would provide staff support with special projects, long-term assignments and day-to-day activities. We strongly believe college interns enhance services for the public, would participate in community outreach and education and work directly with at-risk populations. Interns bring a fresh perspective, new talent and increased diversity to the City of Riverside, Police Department’s workforce.



All information obtained during the course of the Internship, including verbal and written communication, must be kept strictly confidential. This includes sharing of any information via social networking sites, email, etc. Additionally, intelligence information is not to be removed from the Police Department (i.e. bulletins, reports, etc.). Sharing or distribution of any information outside of Police Department is prohibited and will result in the immediate termination of internship duties as well as any possible criminal liability.