Riverside Police Department

You Are Not Alone

You Are Not Alone (YANA) Program

In 1995, the United States Postal Services created a program to aid senior citizens and persons with disabilities. The program offered assistance and referrals to a variety of social services for at-risk populations.

The Riverside Police Department's "You Are Not Alone" program is one component of the original concept and provides pre-arranged phone contact to help ensure the safety and welfare of the participants.


How Does It Work?


The YANA program is free to all Riverside residents and helps to provide on-going contact for seniors, persons with disabilities, or anyone that can benefit from the routine contact.

Riverside Police Department Volunteers make the phone calls to the participants. If several phone calls are unanswered, the Volunteer contacts the program coordinator and a welfare check is made at the persons residence.


What Are The Benefits?


In addition to the regular phone calls, the Riverside Police Department hosts YANA functions twice a year to get people together in a comfortable and welcoming setting. Participants are able to meet other seniors and members of the police department.


How Can You Or A Loved One Participate?


To sign up, please contact our YANA program at 951-826-5544 or CSO Franco by email at [email protected].