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Riverside Public Utilities offers virtual science labs to students in the Riverside Unified School District, Alvord Unified School District, as well as private and charter schools in the city.

Each class is tailored to the individual needs of each classroom and comes with hands on activities provided free of charge to your students. All lessons include an activity with materials that will be delivered to your school office a week before the scheduled lessons.

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Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year! We are pleased to continue our support to your students through our virtual classes. All of our classes are aligned with the NGSS Science Standards, and include hands on activities.

In our Read A louds section, you will find additional resources for you to share with your students.

We hope you have an amazing school year and we look forward to being a part of it.

Class Overview

4th Grade Electricity Circuits- Includes a series of four 30 minute virtual lessons that are NGSS aligned with the 4th grade science standards.

Lesson 1- What is Electricity?

Lesson 2- How Do We Measure Electricity So It Will Do Work For Us?

Lesson 3- How Does Electricity Make Things Move?

Lesson 4- Why Should I Conserve Electricity?


5th Grade Water Cycle- Includes a series of three- 30 minute virtual lessons that are NGSS aligned with the 5th grade science standards.

Lesson 1- The Water Cycle

Lesson 2- Where Does Our Water Come From?

Lesson 3- How Can We Conserve Water?


New Added Classes

  • Kindergarten Community Helpers-The Sky is the Limit: The Story of a Lineworker
  • 3rd Grade Water Pollution Solution

Reserve Your Visit

To schedule an Electricity Circuits Lesson or a Community Helpers Lesson, please contact Sharon Gutierrez at [email protected]

To schedule a Water Cycle or Water Pollution Solutions Lesson, please contact Damaris Velez at [email protected].


USGS Website

Visit the USGS website for interesting science-related materials!

Snap-circuit Guides

Snap-circuit projects are a fun way to learn electric basics.