Riverside Public Utilities


Riverside Public Utilities

Established in 1895, Riverside Public Utilities is a consumer-owned water and electric utility that provides high quality, reliable services.



Benefits of Public Ownership

As a Riverside Public Utilities customer, you’re also an owner. How do you own RPU?


Our customers own us much the same way Riverside residents own the local government:
  • Customers and residents are invited to attend board meetings and make their voices heard by RPU decision makers.
  • RPU’s board of directors is made up of citizen volunteers – customers are routinely invited to apply for board membership through the City Clerk’s office.   
  • Riverside council members, elected by residents and customers, make key decisions for the utility.
  • Riverside residents can vote on ballot measures that relate directly to RPU activities, determining their outcomes.

Thanks to this level of ownership, Riverside voters:

  • Made water distribution part of the public utility system in 1913.
  • Moved against joining the Metropolitan Water District in 1931, opting to keep and protect the water sources we have rather than paying to import water from the Colorado River.
  • Defeated California Electric Power Company’s bid to buy the city’s electric distribution system in 1955, re-establishing their preference for a public utility system.

Other benefits of utility ownership include:

RPU’s service to the community has been consistently reliable for more than 100 years. This designation means that when it comes to reliability, safety, workforce development and system improvements, Riverside Public Utilities is one of the very best. It also means that you can count on us.

Our Mission:  Riverside Public Utilities is committed to the highest quality water and electric services at the lowest possible rates to benefit the community.


RPU was established to serve, not profit.


RPU employees do not receive bonuses.


RPU employees who live in RPU service territory do not receive discounted service.