Riverside Police Department

Crime Statistics

The database, from which the monthly crime statistics for the City of Riverside are prepared, is continuously being updated. Therefore, the data provided within the associated tables represents a particular point in time and does not reflect the current status of the database. The accuracy of the information is limited to the validity and accuracy of available data. The City of Riverside and the Riverside Police Department cannot assume any liability for any decision made or action taken or not taken by the recipient in reliance upon information or data provided.

The information provided is divided into two sections. The first, referred to as "Part I" crimes, includes murder, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault. Also included in this category are burglary, theft and auto theft. The second category is referred to as "Part II" crimes. Part II crimes are all other crimes for which data is gathered that are not included in the Part I crimes. For a definition of Part II crimes, please see the bottom of this page.

The City of Riverside is divided into four (4) Command Areas referred to as Neighborhood Policing Centers (NPC). They are the NORTH; EAST; WEST; and CENTRAL NPCs. Within NPCs are smaller areas called Police Reporting Districts (RD). There are 134 RDs in the City. Crime Statistics available on this site have been compiled and presented based on these areas.



Part II Crime Definitions

Uniform Crime
(UCR) Code
UCR 09  Other Assaults (Simple Assault; Assault & Battery)
UCR 10 Forgery/Counterfeiting
UCR 11 Fraud
UCR 12 Embezzlement
UCR 13 Stolen Property (Buying/Possessing/Receiving)
UCR 14 Vandalism
UCR 15 Weapons (Carrying/Possessing)
UCR 16 Prostitution and Commercialized Vice
UCR 17 Sex Offenses (Indecent Exposure; etc.)
UCR 18 Drug Abuse Violations
UCR 19 Gambling
UCR 20 Offenses Against the Family/Children
UCR 21 Driving Under the Influence
UCR 22 Liquor Laws
UCR 23 Drunkenness
UCR 24 Disorderly Conduct
UCR 25 Vagrancy
UCR 26 All Other Offenses (Trespass/Municipal Code Violation/etc.)
UCR 27 Suspicion
UCR 28 Curfew/Loitering Laws
UCR 29 Runaways (Persons under 18)

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