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Development Projects and CEQA Documents

Riverside is committed to keeping neighbors informed of proposed development applications. Major development projects that may be of interest to you include:

In-Process Projects

Bushnell PRD – P19-0283 (PRD), P19-0284 (TM37740), P19-0285 (DR), P20-0295 (VR) Initial Study

Draft Northside Specific Plan and Draft Program Environmental Impact Report

Tract Map No. 37177 - P16-0774, P19-0575-0578 Initial Study

Harley-Davidson Addition - P20-0214, P20-0215, P20-0216, P20-0217, and DP-2020-00073

Crestview Apartments - P19-0775 (GPA), P19-0776 (RZ), P19-0777 (DR), P19-0905 (EIR), P20-0307 (VR), P20-0308 (GE), P20-0309 (GE), P20-0310 (VC-S)

Sycamore Hills Distribution Center – P20-0024 (EIR), P20-0025 (PM), P19-0626 (MCUP), P20-0258 (VR), P20-0282 (GE), and P19-0627 (DR)


Recently Approved Projects

  • Initial Study
  • Public Workshop Flyer
  • Notice of Preparation
  • Draft EIR
  • Appendices
  • Project Plans
  • Notice of Availability
  • Final Environment Impact Report


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