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CIP Overview

The City’s Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is reviewed by the City’s Planning Commission (for consistency with General Plan) and City Council (for approval of expenditures). 

On May 18, 2017, the City’s Planning Commission approved the City’s updated Five-Year CIP for Fiscal Years 2016/17 through FY 2020/21.  The report and presentation can be found here.

On June 20, 2017, the City Council will review the City’s Updated Five-Year CIP program as part of the FY 2017/18 City budget update.

Capital Projects included in the Updated FY 2017/21 CIP

Examples of projects that will be completed in the next fiscal year (FY 2017/18) are presented below.

General Services:

  • Fleet Facility improvements ($320,000)
  • La Sierra Library improvements ($25,000)
  • Airport Facility improvements ($50,000)

Parks, Recreation, and Community Services:

  • Fairmount Park signage ($10,000)

Public Utilities:

  • Major street light projects ($8.1 million)
  • Neighborhood street light retrofit ($2.3 million)
  • Distribution line extension/system facilities replacements ($4 million)
  • Substation upgrades/equipment replacements ($3.2 million)

Public Works:

  • Citywide road projects ($6.5 million)
  • Sewer collection system ($1 million)
  • Sewer construction ($6.4 million)

Distribution of CIP Funding by Ward

Capital projects are proposed by staff, and approved by the City Council, based on need. Since most of the projects are related to electric system improvements, enhancements and repairs, City neighborhoods where these needs are located will be the “beneficiaries” of the related capital spending.  Similarly, since most of the Public Works/Transportation funding comes from the federal and state sources, it is often for specific major street widening or road separation projects. As a result, City neighborhoods where these needs are located will house these projects.

The table below summarizes the capital projects included in the Updated Five-Year CIP, by department.  Most of the capital projects are related to Public Utilities (electric and water) and Public Works (streets and sewer).

Most of the CIP dollars, however, fall in the “Citywide” or “Multi-Ward” category. These are projects benefiting the City in general, or benefiting more than one ward (such as electric distribution or sewer lines).


 Carryover Funding from FY 2016/17 and Previous Years

FY 2017/18

FY 2018/19

FY 2019/20

FY 2020/21

5-Year Totals

General Services







Innovation and Technology

 $ -  






Parks, Recreation, and Community Services







Public Utilities







Public Works














Future CIP Items: Measure Z

The City’s CIP program will also be bolstered by projects funded through Measure Z.  The Five-Year Measure Z Spending Plan adopted by the City Council on May 16, 2017, includes up to $11.5 million for citywide road/street/sidewalk rehabilitation and $30 million for rehabilitation of current citywide facilities and construction of new City facilities.

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