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Risk management seeks to identify, assess, and manage the impacts of credit risk, operational risk, and market risk on the business of city government.  Risks are mitigated by having policies in place to protect:

  • Personnel
  • Property
  • Insurance
  • Vehicles
  • Volunteers

Risk management gives comfort to stakeholders (shareholders, customers, employees and so on) that the business is being effectively managed and helps the organization confirm its compliance with corporate governance requirements.

Risk Management is relevant to all organizations whether they are in the public or private sector, or whether they are large or small. It should form part of the culture of the organization, with an effective policy and program led by top management with clear responsibilities laid down for every manager and employee to be involved in the management of risk. It supports accountability, performance measurement and reward thus promoting efficiency at all levels.


Certificates of Insurance

The City requires insurance from all agencies, legal entities, vendors, and all individuals who have a contract, and are doing work on and behalf of the City of Riverside to submit valid insurance. The links below will provide you with the information you need to meet the City's Insurance Requirements. Agencies, legal entities, and all individual parties who are required to submit a Certificate of Insurance must upload their Certificates and required endorsement forms to the City’s COI Portal

Self-employed individuals and Sole Proprietors may sign the Worker’s Compensation Acknowledgement Form in lieu of providing proof of Workers Compensation coverage. Risk Management will waive the Worker’s Compensation requirement upon receipt.

Insurance Matrix

Sample Certificate of Insurance

Step-by-Step Guide to COI Portal

For any questions on the COI Portal or insurance, please email or call [email protected]

Para assistencia en espanol Por favor llame al 951-826-5693


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