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Disability Insurance

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Long-term disability insurance is available for full time employees not covered by State Disability Insurance (SDI).

SDI enrollment is automatic for General and Refuse employees.

Coverage is not available for employees outside of the units mentioned above (General and Refuse).

Benefits begin after the 7th day of off-work injury or illness, unless hospitalized.

SDI claim forms are available through the State Employment Development Department.

Claims should be filed as soon as possible, but no later than 49 days after the onset of injury or illness.

The City pays $136/year towards the SDI tax, prorated for part-time employees.

The sick leave/vacation buy-back policy for SDI is explained in the Personnel Policy & Procedures Manual Policy VI-1.

Enrollment stops upon promotion or reclassification to a position.

The SDI packet contains complete details of benefits and exclusions. The City of Riverside Human Resources Department and the Social Security Administration offices are also available to answer questions regarding disability benefits.

Long-Term Disability Coverage

Executive, IBEW Field Supervisory, and Level I and II employees who are eligible for deferred compensation, may enroll in LTD coverage. Level I and II employees include; Sr. Management, Management, Professional, Supervisory, Para-Professional, and Confidential* employees.

*Confidential employees hired on or before 12/31/15 are automatically covered under State Disability Insurance and cannot participate in LTD. Confidential employees hired/promoted on or after 1/1/16 will not be allowed to participate in the SDI program but have the option of enrolling in LTD.

Benefits are available 60 days after the onset of the illness or injury. This benefit pays 60% of the employee's pre-disability earnings with a maximum amount of $7,000 per month.

Monthly premiums are based on each employee's salary.

Monthly premiums are .48% of salary with a maximum of $56.00 per month.

The monthly LTD premium is paid out of the City's contribution to the employee's deferred compensation account for IBEW Supervisory employees only. Executive and Level I and II employees pay their own monthly premium on an after-tax basis.

Certificate of Coverage

Benefit Summary

IBEW Benefit Summary

Claim Form

Sworn Fire, Police, and other Public Safety Management may opt for LTD coverage through the appropriate Association.

Non-Supervisory IBEW employees are automatically enrolled in LTD coverage through The Standard Insurance.

Non-Supervisory IBEW employees receive 66 2/3% of their pre-disability earnings, 60 days after the onset of the illness or injury.

Certificate of Coverage

2019 LTD Benefit Summary