Human Resources

RESET Program

Riverside Employment Services Education & Training (RESET) Program

To assist City of Riverside young adults in achieving their education, civic, personal, and social development as a responsible individual and community member by providing job training, educational resources, and a structured work environment.

Under the direction of a supervisor, the position may include:

  • Responsibility for performing a variety of general office support activities
  • Manual tasks in maintenance
  • Graffiti abatement
  • Sign installation/removal
  • Concrete crew
  • Solid waste collection activities

Temporary full-time employment for a period of 12 to 18 months.


  • Resume Workshops
  • Communication Skills
  • Career Exploration
  • Public Speaking
  • Leadership Skills
  • Self Esteem
  • Personal Effectiveness


  • Between 18 to 23 years old.
  • Completion of 12th grade education.
  • Live in the City of Riverside.
  • Possession of, or ability to obtain, a California driver's license.
  • Willingness to obtain temporary full-time employment.
  • Have physical strength, agility, and coordination to possibly perform manual labor tasks.
  • Ability to provide proof of enrollment into an educational program no more than 6 months after employment start.

When current vacancies exist, submit applications online at