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Flexible Spending Account (FSA)


The City's, Section 125 Flexible Spending Account for Out-of Pocket Health related expenses and Dependent care cost are administered by TRI-AD. This plan allows employees to redirect a portion of their salaries to pay for the qualified Health Care or Dependent Care expenses on a pre-tax basis.

The following Flexible Spending Account documents contain complete details of benefits and exclusions. Please contact the City of Riverside Human Resources Department or TRI-AD Member Services for additional questions.

Health Care out-of-pocket expenses such as co-pays, prescriptions, deductibles, etc., that are not covered by insurance can be claimed (please refer to the TRI-AD FSA Brochure for details). The maximum that employees can elect on out-of-pocket Health related expenses is $2,700.

Child and dependent care costs for qualified individuals. Tuition costs for private schools are excluded. The maximum contribution is $5,000 per year. Claim forms are available in Human Resources and should be submitted be submitted to TRI-AD directly.

There is a monthly fee of $6.00 for enrolling in one or both FSA plans.

Employees should calculate anticipated costs carefully.

Amounts not claimed by the end of the year for Dependent Care will be forfeited.

Amounts left in a Health Flexible Spending Account, up to $500 may be carried over into the next plan year. There is a monthly administration fee of $6.00 applied for any balances that are carried over into the next plan year.

Once an employee signs up to participate in the plan, he/she cannot stop or change contributions unless they or a dependent experiences a material change in economic circumstances.

These are provisions under Section 125 of the IRS Code. Questions regarding qualified deductions should be directed to TRI-AD at (888) 844-1372.

As a new hire, enrollment must be made within 30 days of the date of hire, using the Employee Online System.

The Out-of-Pocket Health Care and Dependent Care deductions are effective the first of the month following date of hire.

If enrollment is not completed within 30 days of hire, employees must wait until the next open enrollment period.

Active, benefitted employees, can enroll in a FSA plan during the Open Enrollment period using the Employee Online System. Coverage is effective January 1st.

Per Section 125 of the IRS Code, once started, this plan cannot be stopped or changed unless:

The employee and/or a member of his or her family experiences a "material economic change."

The employee separates service from the City of Riverside.