Riverside Public Utilities



RPU customers get electricity through an interconnected system that generates, transmits, and/or distributes electricity. Substations throughout the City service each neighborhood in Riverside and are key components to providing reliable power to our customers.

Riverside is committed to providing safe, reliable and affordable power that achieves a balance between high quality, low-cost energy and the environmental impacts of providing energy resources.

Energy resources such as sunlight, wind, water, natural gas, coal, oil and nuclear convert energy to generate power. Riverside continues to focus on renewable power and non-greenhouse gas emitting sources.

Power Content Label

Power comes in all shapes and sizes.  The Power Content Label, designed by the California Energy Commission, keeps customers informed of the various resources that are used to make up the state of California's and Riverside's electric power.

By maintaining our long-term power agreements and building new power generation resources, Riverside Public Utilities upholds its obligation to provide safe, reliable power to our customer-owners. Additionally, we remain committed to supporting and increasing renewable energy resources in our power portfolio.

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RPU power content label.