Riverside Public Utilities

Energy Conservation

Reduce your energy use by making simple changes to help you save on utility bills and protect the environment.

Install energy efficiency measures throughout your home. See our rebate programs.

Replace or clean air conditioning filters monthly or as needed to keep your system working optimally.

Use heat-producing appliances like dishwashers, clothes dryers, and irons in the morning or after 8pm.

Set your thermostat to 78° on hot days, and 84° on days over 100°. Use room fans to feel even cooler.

Keep drapes, blinds and shades closed to keep the sun’s rays out of your home in warm weather.

Turn lights off in rooms that aren’t being used.

Set swimming pool filtering and sweeping equipment timers to avoid peak use hours from noon to 8pm.

Shade your air conditioning condenser, but be careful not to block the flow of air to the unit.