Riverside Public Utilities

Energy Savings Assistance Program


Energy Savings Assistance Program

Save energy and money.


In partnership with SoCal Gas, the Energy Savings Assistance Program (ESAP) is designed to help lower your monthly bill, while making your home more energy efficient through professional home improvements at no cost to you. To participate, RPU customers must first qualify through SoCal Gas ESAP program. Click here to learn more about SoCalGas ESAP. 

Riverside Public Utilities (RPU) income-qualified renters* and homeowners may be eligible for the following no-cost energy-saving home improvements by RPU's authorized contractor Synergy:

  • New refrigerator replacement (up to 18 cubic feet) and recycling of old unit
    • - Qualifying old unit must be manufactured in 2009 or earlier
  • New energy-efficient LED lighting (indoor and outdoor)
  • Air-conditioning tune-ups
  • Electrically commuted motor (ECM) HVAC motors
  • Smart programmable thermostat
  • Insulation, weather-stripping and caulking to lower heating and cooling costs
  • Duct seal and test
  • Occupancy sensors

Click here to learn more about Synergy ESAP.


New measures have been added to increase energy efficiency!

  • Whole house fans
    • - Whole house fan 2500 CFM (eligible on homes up to 1,750 sq. ft.
    • - Whole house fan 3300 CFM (eligible on homes up to 2,500 sq. ft.
  • Participation Guidelines
    • - Qualifying homes must have functioning air conditioning or heat pump systems
    • - Proper attic ventilation must be in open space
    • - Synergy contractor will confirm if home is eligible upon assessment 


Program Eligibility

Eligibility for ESAP is based on income and household size. Customers must first apply through SoCal Gas ESAP program to participate. Your household may be eligible based on participation in certain public assistance programs such as RPU’s SHARE (Sharing Households Assist Riverside’s Energy) Program, which assists income-qualified, residential customers with their electric utility bills and deposits. 
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*Some improvements require approval from the homeowner