Riverside Public Utilities

Underground Construction Standards

Find all electric underground construction standards posted here.


Duct Mandrel - UGS-160
Pull Eye - UGS-203
Insert Opposite Duct Banks - UGS-205
Vault Rack Supports Over Deep Recesses - UGS-205.1
Insert Schedule for Pull Boxes - UGS-208
Sump Requirements - UGS-215
Grounding for Structures/Equipment - UGS-225
Grounding Practices - Primary Structures - UGS-225.1
Standpipe Vent Placement UGS-230
Standpipe Vents (Metallic) - UGS-231
Standpipe Vent Installation (Metallic) - UGS-231.1
Grounding Standpipe Vent (Metallic) - UGS-231.2
Standpipe Vent (Polyethylene) - UGS-232
Standpipe Vent Installation (Polyethylene) - UGS-232.1
Ladder for Vaults and Manholes - UGS-240
Ladder Installation for Vaults - UGS-240.1
Ladder Installation for Manholes - UGS-240.2
Manhole Neck Details - UGS-250
Vault Neck Details - UGS-250.1


Ducts and Conduits

Conduits and Fittings- UGS-100
General Specifications for Conduit Installation - UGS-100.1
Instructions for Solvent Welding and Installation of Semi-Rigid Plastic - UGS-100.2
Shoring Requirements - UGS-101
Standard Duct Entrance Details - UGS-110
Standard and Special Duct Entrances - UGS-110.2
Duct Entrances to Pull Boxes - UGS-110.4
Duct Bank Entrance to Power Cable Trench Where Extensions is Planned - UGS-110.5
Capping Main Line Conduit - UGS-112
Service Lateral Termination - UGS-113
Pole Riser Conduit Installation - UGS-115
Pole Riser Conduit Installation with Standoff Brackets - UGS-115.1
Riser Bend Installation at Pad or Wall - UGS-116
Underground Risers in Substations - UGS-117
Typical Installation of Traffic Type Pull Box in Main Line Ducts - UGS-120
Duct Bank Requirements - UGS-125
Conduit Spacers - UGS-125.1
C.I.C. Installation Requirements - UGS-125.2
Duct Sump for Duct Bank - UGS-126
Duct Beam Reinforcement - UGS-127
Standard Duct Bank for Subsidence Areas - UGS-129
Support for Conduits on Bridges - UGS-135
Plastic Conduit "Y" Fittings - UGS-139
Expansion Joint for Plastic Duct - UGS-141
Conduit Plug and Riser Cap - UGS-142
Switchgear Conduit Configuration – UGS-150


Frames and Covers

Structure Identification-UGS-050
Structure Identification - UGS-051
Vault Cover with Necking and Grade Ring (Precast) - UGS-053
48" Square Precast Concrete Vault (Traffic Type) - UGS-053.1
48" x 60" Precast Concrete Vault (Traffic Type) - UGS-053.2
5' x 8' Precast Concrete Vault Cover (2-Piece Traffic) - UGS-053.3
Manhole Cover with Cone and Grade Ring (Precast) - UGS-062
Concrete Filled Manhole Cover (Parkway) - UGS-062.1


General Information

Index - UGS-001
U.G. Structures Description and Identifying Codes - UGS-002
General Specifications - UGS-003
Specification for Joint Construction - UGS-004
Vault and Manhole Requirements - UGS-005
PJC (5', 7' & 9'-6") Requirements (Precast) - UGS-005.1
PMH (7' & 9-6") Requirements (Precast) - UGS-005.2
PME (7' Left & Right) Requirements (Precast) - UGS-005.3
PME (9'6" Left & Right) Requirements (Precast) - UGS-005.4
Manhole Requirements (Precast) - UGS-005.5
Vault Requirements (Precast) - UGS-005.6
Precast Buried Transformer Enclosure (1) - UGS-006
Precast Buried Transformer Enclosure (2) - UGS-006.1
Grate for Buried Transformer Enclosure - UGS-006.2
Pull Box Requirements - UGS-007
Precast Pull Boxes, Recessed - UGS-007.1
Precast Pull Boxes, Non-Recessed - UGS-007.2
Precast Pull Boxes, Intercepting - UGS-007.3
Precast Pull Boxes, Bottomless - UGS-007.4
Duct Bank and Duct Terminal Requirements - UGS-008
Electrical Service Box Requirements - UGS-009
Transformer Slab Box - UGS-010
Slab Box for Single Phase Pad Mounted Transformer SB-2 - UGS-010.1
Slab Box for Three Phase Pad Mounted Transformer SB-3, SB-4 - UGS-010.2
Switchgear Fiberglass Box Pad (for Series 9, 10 & 11 Switches) - UGS-011.1
Switchgear Fiberglass Box Pad (for Series 45, 11, 52, 53 & 64F) - UGS-011.2
Fiberglass PJC Box Pad (for Single Phase PJC Cabinet) - UGS-011.3
Fiberglass PJC Box Pad (for Three Phase PJC Cabinet) - UGS-011.4
Concrete Specifications - UGS-015
General Specifications for Precast Reinforced Concrete Structures - UGS-016
Pull Rope, General Specifications - UGS-020


Manholes - Heavy

No Files Available at this time.


Manholes - Normal

Manholes Installation - UGS-435
Switch Gear Concrete Structure Installation for PMH 9, 10, 11; PME 11F, 52F, 53F, 45F, & 64F, left and right, UGS-463


Miscellaneous Structures

Joining Old and New Structures - UGS-251
Cold Joints - UGS-252
Getaway Trench - Non-Traffic Type - UGS-280
Protective Barrier for Underground Distribution Structures - UGS-290
Protective Wall - UGS-291
Clearance Requirements for Padmount Equipment - UGS-295
Padmount Equipment Screening - UGS-297



Precast Transformer Pad - UGS-620
1Ø Transformer Pad Installation - UGS-621-A
Transformer Pad Installation for Duct or Duct C.I.C Construction - UGS-621.1
Switch Gear Fiberglass Box Pad Installation (For Series 9, 10, and 11, Switches) - UGS-660
Switch Gear Fiberglass Box Pad Installation (For Series 52F, 53F, and 64F, Switches) - UGS-661
Conduit Arrangement for Series 11F, 45, 52F, 53F & 64F Switches on Fiberglass Box Pad - UGS-661.1
Slab Box Installation (4' X 7', 6' X 8', 5.5' X 8' and 8' X 10') - UGS-723
Pad Mounted Switch Vault Installation - UGS-724
Pedestal Junction Cabinet - UGS-730
Installation of PJC on Fiberglass Sleeve - UGS-731
1 Phase (PJC) Pedestal Junction Cabinet - UGS-732
3 Phase (PJC) Pedestal Junction Cabinet - UGS 733


Pull Boxes

Precast Pull Box Installation - UGS-310
Precast Bottomless Pull Box Installation - UGS-310.1
Secondary Pull Box for Street Lighting - UGS-311
Secondary Pull Box for Street Lighting - UGS-311.1
Electrical Service Box - Concrete Installation - UGS-320
Electrical Service Box (Plastic) Installation (Floored) - UGS-321


Street Lighting

Street Light Requirements - UGS-800
Street Light Pole Installation Detail - UGS-801
Street Light Mast Arms, Luminaires & Lamps - UGS-802
Street Light Materials - UGS-803
Raincross Concrete Street Light Standard - UGS-804
Outdoor Lighting Electronic Photocontrols for the LED Street Lights - UGS-Spec. 1-6.3
Street Light Construction - UGS-Spec.2-6


Subsurface Transformer Enclosures - Commercial

Commercial Subsurface Transformer Enclosure (4' x 7' x 7' I.D.) Parkway - UGS-750
Commercial Substation Transformer Enclosure Installation - UGS-751
Commercial Subsurface Transformer Enclosure (5' x 8'6" x 7') Requirements - UGS-760
CST Enclosure with Spring Assisted Cover (5'x 8'6”x 7') - UGS-760.1
Commercial Subsurface Transformer Enclosure (CST) Installation - UGS-761


Subsurface Transformer Enclosures - Residential

Buried Transformer Enclosure - Parkway / Incidental Traffic Installation - UGS-735
Buried Transformer Enclosure - Parkway (Plastic) - UGS-735.1


Vaults - Normal

Vaults and Manholes (Precast) - UGS-540.1
Vault Installation - UGS-541


Vaults - Slab

No Files Available at this time.